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The engineering and design department at Chocolate Creations Inc. manufactures a complete line of new and used confectionery equipment. Using stainless steel frames for chocolate production equipment and retro fitting production lines and cooling tunnels to your factory, our line will set up your business for efficiency and durability. Each piece of chocolate manufacturing equipment is custom made to allow you to create confectionery bliss for your customers. And, as always, we are available to provide training and consultation for all our customers through Chocolate Creations Inc.




Integrated automatic temperature control system for heating and cooling. Heated pump, FDA-approved, stainless steel plumbing, and transfer lines. Jacketed tanks are used to control temperature. Grinds down to 20 or 10 micron range for fine control of taste and flavor for cocoa liquor confection formulations.



Double-stacked or single chocolate melting tanks with all stainless-steel construction. See-through, break-proof lid overlooking full wall contact scrapers. Units have two 2" NPT chocolate ports along with a heavy-duty transmission and extra capacity motor, guillotine valve, and open pressure release system. Large PLC easy-to-use touch screen control of melting, cooling, and tempering cycles. Systems continuously monitor water jacket and chocolate temperatures. A variable on/off is used for cycles for the agitator. Electrical: (2) 110 v, 20 amp. Double-stacked tanks available in 450 lb size: 37" L x 41" W x 76" H or 250 lb size: 29" L x 34" W x 76" H. Single tank available in 450 lb size: 37" L x 41" W x 45" H or 250 lb size: 29" L x 34" W x 48" H.



Chocolate tempering tank and enrober with all stainless-steel construction. Chocolate tempering requires cold water supply (max 30 psi) connected to drain with a 60 lb capacity and adjustable chocolate flow. Included in design a 10" wide wire belt with separate variable speed controls for wire belt and chocolate wheel. Adjustable blower section, detailed rod reversible, vibrating conveyor, and 360° swizzle nozzle make for ultimate control variables. Equipped with digital readout for chocolate and tank water heat. Electric: 60 psi / 110 v, 15 amp.

Warm liquid chocolate in Chocolate tempe


Chocolate measuring & depositing pump available with or with chocolate melting tank. Full stainless steel construction depositing pump attaches to all chocolate melters (2" NPT). Changes weight instantly and easily adjustable from 0.5 ounces to 10 ounces per pump with automatic timed or manual dispensing with convenient dial indicator. Includes two 360° swivel single nozzles & an optional 4-headed nozzle. Automatically controlled cabinet temperatures. Chocolate measuring & depositing pump dimensions: 25-1/2" L x 13" W x 56" H. Chocolate measuring & depositing pump with 225 lb melting tank dimensions: 29" L x 40-1/2" W x 56" H.



Chocolate mold vibrating table design consists of a 22" x 17" hardwood maple deck with dense rubber covering to reduce noise. Adjustable vibrating speed with easy turn control. Electrical: 115 v, 15 amp. Dimensions: 22" L x 17" W x 8" H.



Our custom designed cooling tunnels can be adjusted to any specifications but will all include the industry standard listed here. Our designs include a heavy-duty stainless-steel conveyor roller and to minimize maintenance over the life of the machine, we include sealed bearings. Using a self-contained, freon cooled refrigeration unit(s) we can maximize the cooling process. With an adjustable belt speed of 8 ft per minute and gear drive product belt not only is it made for convenience but allows for a heavy duty, yet quiet operating system. We offer an adjustable working height of 38" to 42".



Along with selling individual custom manufactured equipment pieces, we can build a full-line setup with specifications to meet any desired footprint.


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